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Announcing New Partnership: global small and micro cap equity manager, EAM Investors

May 21st, 2014

SEATTLE, (May 21, 2014) – Northern Lights Capital Group, LLC (“Northern Lights”) and WHV Investment Management (“WHV”) announced today their investment in EAM Investors (“EAM”), a California-based manager which focuses on small and micro-cap equities. Northern Lights and WHV will be teaming up with EAM to grow its international business, consisting of international small cap, emerging markets small cap, and international micro cap equity strategies.

EAM currently manages $987 million and was founded in 2007 by Travis Prentice, Montie Weisenberger, and Josh Moss, who all have managed small and micro-cap portfolios for institutional clients for over twelve years.

“We’re excited to partner with the team at EAM, and believe they bring a distinctive perspective to international small cap and emerging markets small-cap equities,” said Paul Greenwood, managing director at Northern Lights. “They have a strong, investment-centric culture and are dedicated to their investment process, something we look for in every Northern Lights partnership.”

“We look for innovative products with time-tested methodologies and established track records to maximize the value of applying our distribution horsepower,” said WHV CEO, Andrew Turner. “EAM exhibits those qualities, and has a highly differentiated and sustainable philosophy and process in a space where high alpha is achievable.”

“The partnership with Northern Lights and WHV brings considerable resources and an extensive, experienced team to our efforts.” said Mr. Prentice, who is also CIO of EAM. “In addition, our firms share the same vision of what it takes to be successful in the investment management business.”

EAM’s investment process seeks to capitalize on positive fundamental change by taking advantage of investor biases and market inefficiencies. Through its objective and disciplined investment process, the team looks for opportunities where other investors may be slow to react to a company’s improving financial outlook.

“Our investment process was built specifically to capture alpha in inefficient markets where there are a large number of possible investments, high crosssectional volatility, and sparse analyst coverage,” said Mr. Moss, who is also portfolio manager at EAM. “Through our experience, we believe our approach has the right blend of objectivity and focused research to exploit the entire opportunity set present in emerging and developed international equity markets.”

EAM creates diversified portfolios built within a bottom-up, risk-aware framework that is unconstrained to specific benchmark sectors or country weights. EAM will be offering international small cap, emerging markets small cap, and international micro cap equity strategies.

About Northern Lights Capital Group, LLC

Northern Lights Capital Group is dedicated to identifying and collaborating with leading boutique asset managers exhibiting exceptional investment skill with client-oriented business cultures. We apply our strategic resources, including operating capital, institutional distribution, access to seed capital, and operational expertise to help our partner companies excel. Northern Lights: Boundless Opportunities. Enlightened Investments.

About WHV Investment Management

WHV Investment Management is a multi-boutique asset management firm providing sophisticated investment strategies through both separately managed accounts and mutual funds. With partnership at the core of our business, our equity ownership model allows us to be closely aligned with our asset managers, as well as our clients. We strive to provide timely and innovative solutions to help our clients meet their investment goals. Please visit for additional information.

About EAM Investors

EAM Investors, LLC is a majority-employee-owned, institutionally-focused investment boutique founded in 2007. Our core strength is managing equity portfolios in markets where inefficiencies create significant opportunity for our active management style to add alpha. We currently manage equity portfolios in the U.S. and International small cap and micro-cap markets. EAM Investors, LLC (“EAM”) is an investment adviser registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940. For more information please visit